[Article 7]The Potential of Business Automation Security System Plans

As home automation has really begun to pick up speed many small business owners are finding themselves considering the potential of business automation security system plans. Especially for those who run their business out of their homes, how could a business be benefitted by the integration of quality cameras and remote access? If you are a small business owner with an office space where employees create the products you provide or where business transactions take place you have many reasons that business automation might become your best friend. Here are a few of those reasons.

Remote Monitoring

For homeowners the ability to pop open an app on the phone and check in on the kids or a dog is a nice sentiment that many take advantage of daily.The businessman who operates a smartphone 177039305 For a business owner there is an even greater benefit to being able to remotely monitor the office. With all the responsibilities that small business owners have it can be hard to make sure that you know what is going on at all times. With surveillance cameras mounted in public locations in your office space you can be away on business and still check in to make sure everything is going well with your people and products.

Security Alerts

The beauty of remote monitoring and automation is the ability of your security system to directly inform you of things going on when you aren’t there. Door sensors, surveillance cameras and motion detectors can all be synced wirelessly and actually ALERT you if something is happening while the system has been armed.

Mobile Access Control

Say you have a safe or a locked closet in your office. To protect materials or goods within it you are hesitant to provide a key to anyone else. This is a matter of access control, making sure that only those who are qualified in your eyes have access to sensitive areas. Because you might need to be out of the office regularly this might seem to be a problem, but with mobile access control you eliminate the need to give anyone a key since you can control it from your phone! This is one incredible possibility brought about by business automation security systems: a control panel on the phone can control electronic locks on doors and closets remotely!

Remote Command

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771If you have a control panel on your phone your entire small business security system could be remotely managed. This allows for small businesses to create better security policies to benefit all involved. There is no need to create passwords for your employees or to cut keys for their use. When they need in in the morning you can disarm the system and unlock the doors from your home office. And at night they can let you know they’re out of the building and you can lock the doors and arm the system even while you’re out at dinner! Plus, with remote monitoring you could easily make sure that everything was closed up properly and the place is empty.


Finally, consider a world where you can turn down the thermostat, turn off lights and computers from miles away. There’s nothing that gives greater peace of mind than to make sure everything is the way you want it without inconveniencing you. Small Business automation security system plans are beginning to really take shape and could provide you and your own small business with greater security and greater convenience. From the ability to check in Security companies already provide free automation apps and security packages for businesses, take advantage of the potential today!