[Article 11]Your Home Business Security Plan

Project 113629983In home business is one of the economical staples of the American economy, which should mean that home security business plans are a staple of the security industry. With 50% of the country working in small business or home-based businesses you would think that more homes would be fitted with quality security systems. But alas only 17% of the country employs a security system to protect their home and livelihood! This is a mistake that should be remedied. Every home can enjoy the safety of high quality security, without being greatly inconvenienced. The staples of security come from good security habits and a conscious effort to protect yourself. So if you are an in-home business owner, consider the fact that you are an even greater target to burglars looking for valuable equipment and information. It is important to create your home security business plan and pay attention to the 4 levels of security.


Your home security starts with your home care. One of the primal and primary defenses against crooks is the warning sign “this is my land and I pay attention!” That message is sent across loud and clear when you keep your property well maintained. It is important to pay attention to the little things. A tear in a screen door or a ladder left in the yard are both the slight invitation to make an entrance into your home. Keeping the lawn trimmed tidily, keeping the bushes and hedges sculpted below windowsills and away from doorways are signals that you are watching.

Physical Security

Deadbolts are impossible to bypass when they are properly installed into the home. The deadbolt should be installed with the plug penetrating a full inch or more into the doorframe. If you want even greater security consider a commercial grade deadbolt or an electronic lock for your front door. Where good maintenance is a warning sign, physical security is the first line of actual defense. These are the methods that keep burglars out. Windows should also have locks, if you like to have windows open for ventilation double locks can be a great feature, preventing the window to open any farther than the certain amount for ventilation.  Also replacing burned out light bulbs and broken doors or windows promptly is important so that there is no weakness in this defense.

Security Alarms

An alarm system should also be installed. One supported by the various devices that allow for real protection of the home and specific rooms where the burglar is most likely to target. Glass break sensors should monitor Windows. Rooms should be defended by motion detection. And door sensors can be installed in doorjams to alert you when a door has been opened and closed. When the system is armed these devices should all trip an alarm that will alert you and the professional technicians who have been monitoring the system.


The final layer of security that is needed is the surveillance layer. Security provides deterrence, prevention and response for crime and surveillance is the best way to ensure that you have the information to respond after being victimized. Surveillance cameras should be placed over the entrances to the home. This includes the front and back doors, the garage and garage doors, and first floor windows. Second floor windows should of course have other detection devices on them.

With maintenance, physical defenses, alarm systems and surveillance in place your home business security plan can be reliable and afford you the peace of mind you deserve as you continue to succeed in your endeavors.